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Trends in Spear Phishing Attacks on Financial Firms and How to Protect Your Network

Spear phishing affects financial institutions more than any other industry. The latest information from the Anti Phishing Working Group revealed 60 percent of the organizations hit with phishing attacks were financial institutions during Q4 2017.

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FFIEC Guidance on Patch Management for Financial Institutions

Depending on the complexity of your network it can be a challenge to keep up with the patches, recommended and required, that vendors issue on a regular basis. Some say the frequency of these patches are increasing due to the uptick in breaches and network attacks cybercriminals undertake.

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Financial Firms in the News: How to Avoid Network Breach Fallout

Breaches of financial institutions’ networks are happening with more frequency, and they’re getting more attention in the media as well. Five banks in Mexico and two in Canada experienced high profile breaches that exposed tens of thousands of customers’ information.

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How Network Segmentation Helps Financial Firms Achieve Safety and Compliance

For financial institutions, separating the cardholder data environment and its connected-to and supporting systems is crucial to protect cardholder data and prevent damaging breaches. This practice of network segmentation also reduces the scope of compliance and lessens the effort required to...

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Banking Trojans: Fortify Your Defenses With Sophos and Cybersecurity Practices

Malware — particularly banking Trojans — can paralyze a financial institution’s network and gain illegitimate access to sensitive financial data. This malicious software is continuously adapting to and keeping pace with technological advances in network security and data protection. With its...

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