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Starleaf Video Conferencing vs Zoom

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Are you searching for reliable Video Conferencing Solutions for your team in the office and working remote? 

Video conferencing security is in the spotlight at the moment and it’s clear that some providers aren’t hitting the mark. With remote working becoming the new normal, you need to be sure your video meetings provider is taking security seriously.  Here at DataComm Networks Inc. we recommend only using secure and reliable video conferencing solutions when choosing a tool to keep teams connected.

Introducing Starleaf Video Conferencing…

At StarLeaf, the security of users is their top priority, and they’ve invested heavily in it since the beginning. Here’s why StarLeaf is different:

  • StarLeaf is secure from malicious attackers intercepting messages or accessing meeting sessions because they enforce encryption.
  • StarLeaf owns and manages their own service, so they’re not exposed to potential security or reliability issues in third party services.
  • StarLeaf product development and engineering are done entirely in-house.
  • Starleaf does not share user data (data-mining) with other organizations like social media sites.
  • StarLeaf takes the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) seriously. This is not just the data you send and receive while using a service, but also incidental information such as meeting titles, participant lists, IP addresses that indicate geographical location and also telephone numbers, names, and email addresses.
  • StarLeaf brings a 99.999% uptime guarantee, robust security, and data jurisdiction control.

This focus on security has allowed StarLeaf to achieve and maintain the internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 security certification, which shows commitment to the highest operational standards for people, processes, and IT systems.

Starleaf is Supporting Remote Work during the Crisis

  • Starleaf has taken measures for supporting customers and new users to maintain business continuity and to enable remote working for all employees during the coronavirus crisis…providing resources and increasing service capacity to meet increased demand.” [Source]
  • “For StarLeaf customers who may need to enable remote working for their entire workforce for an unknown length of time, StarLeaf has introduced new flexible conferencing license options. These new options provide customers with the ability to increase conferencing capacity as needed.” [Source]
  • Starleaf launched their new Remote Working Hub which is full of tips and guides to help you transition to remote working. This should be a useful resource for you, and anyone new to remote working.” [Source]
  • “Rather than rely on 3rd party public cloud services, Starleaf chose to build their platform with their unique distributed architecture. And it is through this end-to-end platform ownership and distributed architecture that StarLeaf can mitigate against, identify, and respond to changing service requirements quickly and effectively.” [Source]


Read More in StarLeaf's Security Center


 Starleaf excels compared to its peers in the video conferencing space in security, functionality, and flexibility. 


See our Video Conferencing| Starleaf VS. Zoom – Datasheet


StarLeaf is secure. Try for free today.

Join some of the most security conscious organizations already using StarLeaf, across healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing and more. 


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Contact us at DataComm to see how we can get you set up with StarLeaf quickly and safely.

Message from DataComm Networks Inc. partnered with StarLeaf.

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