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Mobile App Security: How To Protect Your Network

Financial institutions are increasingly concerned about securing their mobile apps and preventing user data compromise. Unfortunately, many apps are becoming popular targets for hacking and identity theft. To protect networks and user data, financial firms are taking a proactive stance with...

Posted in financial institutions, data security, mobile
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AI in the Financial Services Industry: Practical Applications

Financial firms are now embracing technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) to secure their network infrastructures. The question is whether AI for financial institutions is worth the effort and money to implement.

Posted in financial institutions, data security, AI
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Key Solution for Network Protection: Layered Security

Financial services companies today face a steady stream of cyberattacks and digital threats that risk inflicting significant and costly harm. Layered security for financial institutions is one of the most important tools in the fight against emerging threats to network security.

Posted in network, financial institutions, data security
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4 Ways to Leverage Unified Communications for Your Financial Firm

Financial institutions are turning to unified communications (UC) to provide streamlined connections between a variety of internal and external stakeholders. This allows financial organizations to quickly resolve issues, develop strong internal systems for business growth, and deliver...

Posted in UC, financial institutions
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Next-Generation Network Management: How to Leverage SD-WAN for Your Financial Institution

For a multi-location financial firm, one of the toughest challenges is delivering secure and high-speed network connectivity to each of its branches. The drive for digital transformation and the increasing demand for modern customer experiences are making it difficult for traditional networks to...

Posted in financial institutions, network management
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