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DataComm Networks Inc. Partners With Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication

Copy of DataComm - Blog - Featured Image (2)Are you searching for a reliable multi-factor authentication solution? Perhaps to protect your applications and data against unauthorized access or to maintain compliance?

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is used to verify your users’ identities before they access your data.  It’s so effective that forms of MFA are now recommended in order to combat “Zero Trust” and maintain compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 section 8.3, the NIST 800-63 and 800-171, NIST Cyber Security Framework, FFIEC guidelines, GDPR, NAIC, most ISO standards, HIPAA, DEA EPCS requirements, and more…

With the remote work force, more BYOD devices, and cloud-based applications, becoming the “new normal,” you need to be sure your solution for Multi-factor Authentication is taking security and compliance seriously. 

Here at DataComm Networks Inc. we recommend only using the most secure, simple, and effective multi-factor authentication solutions to make sure users are who they say they are.

Introducing SecurMFA -Multi-factor Authentication powered by Duo:

DUO is a cloud-based security software that protects access by every user, device, and application via two-factor and multi-factor authentication.  Duo provides a second layer of security for any type of login utilizing an extra authentication device (such as a phone) along with a password, pass code, phone call, text, or app push notification.  

  • Verify your users’ identities with two- factor authentication.
  • Enforce user, device, and application access policies.
  • Allow authentication methods to support every user (text, phone call, or notification push via the DUO App).
  • Check the security health of all your users’ devices (BYOD or Corporate).
  • Secure access to any application: cloud, on premise, or custom.

Here are the scenarios that make SecurMFA powered by Duo a perfect fit:

  • You are looking to secure access to your cloud & web apps.
  • You are looking for alternatives to legacy, on‑premises, token‑based 2FA solutions.
  • You are implementing a new BYOD strategy to protecting your high-risk applications from your employees’ personal devices.
  • You are trying to keep track of what devices accessing your network/apps are corporate vs. personal.
  • You recently embraced the cloud for mission-critical apps (ex: Office 365).
  • You require strong 2FA or MFA for compliance for PCI DSS, EPCS, FFIEC Guidelines, NCUA, FDIC, HIPAA, etc…
  • You are looking for a simpler single sign‑on (SSO) & access to on-premises and cloud apps for your users.
  • You are looking for an easy MFA solution for your VPNs, firewalls, CRMs, ERPs, etc…

Strengthen BYOD, cloud, endpoint, and mobile security with Duo to prevent anyone, except for the intended users, to access an account, application, or network.


See our SecurMFA - Multi-Factor Authentication Datasheet


Contact us at DataComm to see how we can get you set up with SecurMFA Multi-factor Authentication today.


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Message from DataComm Networks Inc. partnered with Duo.

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