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Here Are Your Templates and Guides for a Solid Security Awareness Training Program



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To protect your financial institution against cybercriminals, you need a comprehensive training program to educate your employees.

Our experts here at DataComm have a group of resources that include:

  • Security Awareness Training Manual
    This document details the most important points of a security awareness training program for your employees.

  • Security Awareness Training Template
    This fill-in-the-blanks document is a resource you can customize and pass on to your employees to make sure they’re up to speed on their role in network security.

  • Security Awareness Training Guide
    This guide offers key insights into the landscape of threats directed to financial institutions. We also outline ways to make security awareness a top-of-mind issue for your employees.

We understand security awareness training is of utmost importance at financial institutions because cybercriminals design attacks for the specific purpose of getting employees of financial institutions to click on their phishing campaign emails.

Our Security Awareness Training resource help you quickly and accurately educate employees, giving the action steps necessary to prevent network breaches.

Download “An Inside Job: Resources to Equip Employees With Training to Protect Your Network” here.