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How to Implement Data Loss Prevention and Auditing

Remote Work Security Guide for Financial InstitutionsWhen companies allow employees to work remotely with unrestricted access to sensitive financial data, issues can occur. Management has no idea how data is being used, where or when it’s distributed, or by whom. 

Safetica solves this issue by providing information on the users who are handling an organization’s data and what they do with it. It also has the capability to evaluate the risk of security incidents and will warn management of any unproductive actions taken by an employee.

How it works:

All of Safetica’s actions take place in the endpoint workstation. This is where users work with their organization’s critical data, are active on the internet, read emails, send out documents and plug in portable media. Safetica deploys an agent to an organization’s desired endpoints and maintains a regular connection with them through the server. This server builds a database of activities. The workstation distributes new protection policies and regulations to all workstations.

There are many key advantages of Safetica, including:

  • Full suite DLP solution covering all major data leak channels.
  • Short time-to-benefit.
    • A flexible approach to blocking data leak channels gives Safetica the fastest deployment time in its product class.
  • High-level tamper-resistance protection.
    • Ensures consistent protection even while covering users with administrative rights.
  • Technology-agnostic approach.
    • Safetica data protection is not limited by individual protocols or applications.
  • Exact time tracking.
    • Safetica activity reports show the actual time users were active at visited websites or in applications.
  • Automatic evaluation and alerts.
    • Safetica picks the most important logged details and sends a summary report to designated recipients.
  • Single management point.
    • Safetica allows security to be managed from a single place. Set the restriction rules and get incident reports all without constantly having to switch tools.
  • WebSafetica
    • Online analytical tool for managers allows you to effortlessly discover how company data is protected.
  • Safetica Mobile
    • Protect sensitive data even on mobile phones.


SafeticaAuditor gives you the perfect overview of what is occurring within an organization. It exposes unproductive employee actions and warns management of potential data leaks before it’s too late. SafeticaAuditor helps organizations save on HR costs by protecting sensitive data and avoiding the waste of resources. It will also search work for potential risks as soon as it is implemented – no wait times here!

It can often be difficult to effectively manage remote employee device usage. Some employees will misuse their company devices, on purpose, or accidentally. This can be as simple as taking care of personal business at work, or it can be more serious. In the worst-case scenario, employees can take sensitive financial data out of an organization and then sell it to the competition or use it to start an organization of their own.

Thankfully, Safetica Auditor also demonstrates to management the effectiveness of their employees and how they handle the organization's data. It provides immediate protection that grows as an organization grows, saving time and other valuable resources.

There are many key advantages of SafeticaAuditor, including:

  • Uncluttered overview of the situation in your company, with one-click access to all details.
  • Regular reports and immediate notifications in your email.
  • Scalable adjustments for protection of both the employee’s privacy and the company’s interests.
  • Data leak protection through monitoring of how employees work with files.
  • Reported active time of application use.
  • Logs stored safely in the database, visible to authorized employees only.

Effortlessly Protect Sensitive Financial Data 

DataComm is a leading managed service provider based in Tampa, Florida, with significant expertise helping financial services firms improve data security. Our wide range of services include implementing and managing the security tools you need to protect your financial institution from remote work security risks.

For additional information, contact the experts at DataComm Networks, Inc.

To learn more about Remote Work Security, download our guide.


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