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SIEM Solutions for Financial Firms

Is a SIEM Solution in Your Institution’s Future?  

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Learn how to stay ahead of the curve and make sure your institution is covered for future requirements and expectations via our informative presentation on SIEM solutions:

SIEM solutions (security information and event management) provide firms the network information needed to spot trends, anomalies, and disturbances after a data breach.  According to the FFIEC, the right SIEM solution should "[monitor] event logs for anomalies and [relate] that information with other sources of information. [This] broadens the institution's ability to understand trends, react to threats, and improve reports to management and the board."

Regulators are starting to recommend "Security information and event management (SIEM) systems [to] provide a method for management to collect, aggregate, analyze, and correlate information from discrete systems and applications" in order to fulfill the requirement II.C22 Log Management as per the FFIEC IT Examination Handbook InfoBase.

As per the FFIEC guidelines: "Management should have effective log retention policies that address the significance of maintaining logs for incident response and analysis needs...management should develop processes to collect, aggregate, analyze, and correlate security information...institutions [should] maintain event logs to understand an incident or cyber event after it occurs."    

"SIEM" solutions are becoming buzzwords and hot topics now among Community Banks and Community Credit Unions.

Learn how to stay ahead of the curve and make sure your institution is covered for future requirements to come during DataComm's presentation on SIEM solutions:

During the presentation we cover:

  • SIEM Defined
  • Differences between SIEM, SEM/LEM, and SIM
  • FFIEC Recommendations and Regulations for SIEM
  • Who May Need a SIEM?
  • How does a SIEM relate to IDS/IPS, Firewall Monitoring and Reporting, and LEM based logging?
  • What to expect from a Managed SIEM?
  • And much more...

View now to get informed about these new expectations regarding SIEM, a technology that may affect your firm.