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Symantec End of Life Set For 2020

Symantec End of LifeEffective immediately, Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom announced that all partners stop selling Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition due to the upcoming EOL of the two solutions. Partners are unable to renew or add additional seats to their organization’s subscriptions.

After monitoring cyber-security changes impacting customers, Broadcom saw a large shift in securing endpoints such as laptops, cell phones, servers and cloud workloads. They realized that endpoint security is going beyond malware.

Take a look at these statistics showing the increases in cybersecurity threats over the previous year.

  • 33% increase in mobile ransomware
  • 600% increase in IoT attacks
  • 80% Increase in iOS and Android vulnerabilities
  • 56% Increase in risky Wi-Fi networks
  • 54% increase in mobile malware variants

With security threats on the rise, it is essential for organizations to run the most efficient solutions possible. Consider these options to safeguard your financial institution’s data:

Sophos Intercept X

This solution provides unmatched endpoint protection by stopping the widest range of attacks with a unique combination of deep learning malware detection, exploit prevention, anti-ransomware and more. It employs a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach to endpoint protection, rather than simply relying on one primary security technique. 

Intercept X stops breaches before they occur by consolidating unmatched protection and endpoint detection and response into a single solution. Meaning that most threats are stopped before they can ever cause damage.

Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR

This solution integrates intelligent endpoint detection and response with top-rated malware detection, exploit protection and other unmatched endpoint protection capabilities.

Intercept X Advanced with EDR provides cybersecurity assurance with the added ability to detect, investigate, and respond to potential security threats when detected.

Sophos Central Device Encryption

Every year, laptops are stolen, lost or misplaced. This leaves company data at risk of being exploited. The best way to make sure your data is secure is by encrypting your computer’s hard drive. Sophos Central gives you the ability to manage full disk encryption from a single, integrated, web-based management center.

For customized information on securing your institution with Sophos, contact the experts at DataComm Networks, Inc.



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