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Category Archives: Audit

11 Ways to Make Your Annual Audit a Low-Hassle Process

One of the best ways to prevent last-minute audit fire drills is to prepare as far in advance as possible. Planning well before an on-site audit can go a long way toward facilitating the process, eliminating any last-minute surprises, and getting more value out of your audit.

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Who Has Your Customer Data? 7 Ways to Audit Cloud Applications

As financial institutions increasingly partner with third-party vendors to offer more innovative products and services to their customers, the line becomes blurred when it comes to the auditing process. Who should be responsible for security and data audits of these applications, and how should...

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Auditor Communications: Best Practices for Financial Institutions

As the business and regulatory environments change, so too does the IT auditing process. Audits have evolved over the years due to advances in technology and communications. A digital world means that standard audits go beyond legal and regulatory compliance to encompass cybersecurity and other...

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Penetration Testing – Why It’s More Than Just For Compliance

These days, a bank can live or die on its network. It books all its business over the network, so the network must be secure and it must be fast. It’s not enough for the bank simply to protect and monitor its network, it must also regularly speed up its network by resolving degradation.

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