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Category Archives: Cybersecurity

The ATM Cashout Threat: How to Protect Your Financial Firm’s Network

Coordinated attacks, also known as ATM cashouts, on financial firms threaten the security of transactions and integrity of banking systems overall. ATM cashouts refer to a coordinated attack on multiple branches of financial institutions. Once criminals gain access to the network, they spoof ATM...

Posted in cybersecurity, data security, layered security
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Your Tools to Stop the Next Phishing Attack: Zix and Employee Training

Financial institutions are getting better at network security, so cybercriminals are taking an indirect  approach to achieve their goals. They’re targeting unsuspecting employees who lack the skills to identify and prevent a phishing attack. This poses a serious threat to financial institutions...

Posted in cybersecurity, financial institutions, phishing
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Top 5 Threats to Data Security of Financial Institutions

The cat-and-mouse games waged between white hat and black hat hackers have  escalated both in complexity and the damage done to financial institutions and their customers. Hackers are continuously inventing more effective methods of attacking financial institutions, which is why it’s more...

Posted in cybersecurity, financial institutions
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How Security Awareness Training Combats Cyber Attacks

Though cybersecurity remains a strong part of any reputable financial institutions' culture, studies show there’s ample room for growth in awareness of and protection from cyber attacks.

Posted in cybersecurity, financial institutions
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