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Ransomware Defense Action Plan: How Financial Firms Fight Back


 Among all other cyber threats, ransomware attacks are now a major concern for financial firms. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, in 2018, 39% of malware attacks were related to ransomware. Financial firms are a top target for these attacks.

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IT Trends for Financial Institutions in 2018

Technology innovations and compliance requirements are disrupting financial institutions.  Industry leaders need to be aware of these IT trends for 2018:

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Financial Firms: Why it’s Crucial to Partner with an MSP with Deep Industry Knowledge

The business landscape today is going through a period of rapid digital transformation in order to remain relevant. But as technological innovation increases the number of devices connected to the network of a highly regulated industry, it can quickly get complicated.

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Benefits of Network Management Services for Financial Service Firms

Relying upon an experienced and reliable managed service provider (MSP) for network-related IT management can be highly beneficial for financial service firms. This is because 24/7 live and system-driven access to networks is essential in today’s business environment and effectively managing...

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Penetration Testing – Why It’s More Than Just For Compliance

These days, a bank can live or die on its network. It books all its business over the network, so the network must be secure and it must be fast. It’s not enough for the bank simply to protect and monitor its network, it must also regularly speed up its network by resolving degradation.

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