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Category Archives: Financial Services

SIEM Use Cases for Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity attacks anything to increase in diversity and sophistication, according to the “State of Malware” report published by Malwarebytes. Trojans targeting financial institutions continue to evolve, turning into droppers capable of producing spam, propagating through networks, skimming...

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UCaaS for Financial Firms: Leverage the Cloud and UC

Financial firms face unique circumstances and requirements when it comes to communication. Communication solutions must meet the data standards for financial services regulatory compliance and security while being agile and scalable.

Posted in unified communications, UC, financial services
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Malware Safety Analysis: Just How Safe Is Your Financial Institution from a Data Breach?

Cybercriminals have countless ways that they breach financial institutions that range from ATM infections to many different types of network penetrations that are all based on malware attacks. This includes remote bankingsystems, PoS terminal networks, and making changes in bank databases to...

Posted in IT security, financial services
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ADA Issues for Financial Institutions:  Evolving Threats for Websites

We recently noticed an increase in the number of lawsuits filed against financial institutions for non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The reason: Lack of access to the financial institution’s website for those with disabilities.

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Meltdown-Spectre: What Financial Institutions Need to Know

As an IT professional, you are already aware of Meltdown and Spectre security flaws. These are the names for multiple new vulnerabilities that were discovered and reported for numerous processors and the banking industry needs to consider it to be a direct threat.
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