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Category Archives: Layered Security

How to Work with a Managed SIEM Solutions Provider

With the constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity threats, financial firms are turning to security incident event management (SIEM) to enhance their threat detection and security incident response efforts. SIEM offers firms real-time collection as well as historical analysis of security...

Posted in SIEM, financial institutions, layered security
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The ATM Cashout Threat: How to Protect Your Financial Firm’s Network

Coordinated attacks, also known as ATM cashouts, on financial firms threaten the security of transactions and integrity of banking systems overall. ATM cashouts refer to a coordinated attack on multiple branches of financial institutions. Once criminals gain access to the network, they spoof ATM...

Posted in layered security, data security, cybersecurity
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New Customer Onboarding Just Become Easier – Here’s Why

A provision within the recently enacted Dodd-Frank Repeal Act makes it easier for financial institutions to onboard new customers remotely. The MOBILE (Making Online Banking Initiation Legal and Easy) Act within the Dodd-Frank Repeal removes restrictions on using e-signatures and digital copies...

Posted in financial institutions, data security, layered security
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