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Category Archives: Network Management

End Of Support for Exchange Server 2010 - October 13th

Recently, Microsoft made the decision to move its End of Support date for Exchange Server 2010 from January 14th to October 13th. This change was brought on after investigating and analyzing the deployment state of a vast number of customers using Exchange.

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DataComm Networks Inc. Partners With Duo for Multi-Factor Authentication

Are you searching for a reliable multi-factor authentication solution? Perhaps to protect your applications and data against unauthorized access or to maintain compliance?

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Best Practices Recommend a Multi-Layered Approach to Protect Sensitive Information

Daily headlines carry numerous stories about significant cybersecurity breaches. Financial institutions are a prime target for the bad guys, so how can they protect themselves and their customers’ information? Security best practices provide helpful tips, and a cornerstone is a multi-layered...

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Ransomware Defense Action Plan: How Financial Firms Fight Back


 Among all other cyber threats, ransomware attacks are now a major concern for financial firms. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, in 2018, 39% of malware attacks were related to ransomware. Financial firms are a top target for these attacks.

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The ATM Cashout Threat: How to Protect Your Financial Firm’s Network

Coordinated attacks, also known as ATM cashouts, on financial firms threaten the security of transactions and integrity of banking systems overall. ATM cashouts refer to a coordinated attack on multiple branches of financial institutions. Once criminals gain access to the network, they spoof ATM...

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