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Category Archives: Network Security

Securing The New Perimeter

Gone are the days of a network being enclosed within a single environment. As business needs grow and change, so do the capabilities of professional-grade networking. With these new changes comes added vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats.

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Symantec End of Life Set For 2020

Effective immediately, Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom announced that all partners stop selling Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition due to the upcoming EOL of the two solutions. Partners are unable to renew or add additional seats to...

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Safeguard Your Financial Institution's Data

In this new environment with many remote workers, it's s more challenging to follow security guidelines to protect sensitive financial data and maintain productivity in employees. Consider these options to safeguard your financial insitution's data.

Posted in financial institutions, network security
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How to Implement Data Loss Prevention and Auditing

When companies allow employees to work remotely with unrestricted access to sensitive financial data, issues can occur. Management has no idea how data is being used, where or when it’s distributed, or by whom. 

Posted in financial institutions, network security, audit and compliance
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Why Pen Testing and Security Audits Aren’t Enough

Modern network security requires diligence. If the bad guys never sleep, neither should the network security operation. No point-in-time PEN test or security audit will satisfy the needs of businesses regularly attacked by sophisticated, persistent and remote cybercriminals.

Posted in penetration testing, network security, audit and compliance
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