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Category Archives: Phishing

Trends in Spear Phishing Attacks on Financial Firms and How to Protect Your Network

Spear phishing affects financial institutions more than any other industry. The latest information from the Anti Phishing Working Group revealed 60 percent of the organizations hit with phishing attacks were financial institutions during Q4 2017.

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Your Tools to Stop the Next Phishing Attack: Zix and Employee Training

Financial institutions are getting better at network security, so cybercriminals are taking an indirect  approach to achieve their goals. They’re targeting unsuspecting employees who lack the skills to identify and prevent a phishing attack. This poses a serious threat to financial institutions...

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New in Phishing: Conversation Hijacking Attacks - How to Protect Your Financial Institution

A new, highly sophisticated threat is on the horizon for financial institutions: conversation hijacking attacks (CHAs). These attacks take phishing to another level, leveraging a user’s existing email conversations to distribute malware.

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How to Prevent Successful Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks

Financial institutions are under siege from an army of hackers, who every day are coming up with more inventive methods to try and access your personal information via internal communication networks. Last year, the security analysis team at PhishLabs reported a 46% increase in phishing attacks...

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