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Video Conferencing for Financial Institutions - Why It Matters

Video Conferencing for Financial Institutions - Why It Matters

Years ago, the concept of face-to-face communication from opposites sides of the world was firmly rooted in the realm of science fiction. Fast forward to modern day, and we now have the ability to do so from the palm of our hand.To keep up with the public’s increasing preference for virtual communication, companies are beginning to adopt video conferencing technology – and the benefits reach far beyond personability. Specifically, video conferencing for financial institutions can improve the customer experience, drive savings and keep organizations current.

The Challenges of Video Conferencing for Financial Institutions

The Challenges of Video Conferencing for Financial InstitutionsFinancial institutions have been slow to adopt video conferencing; considering the sensitive nature of financial interactions, security concerns are a significant deterrent to digitizing communication. However, with mobile banking transactions up and brick-and-mortar visits down, an organization’s failure to adopt virtual meeting methods can alienate customers, and even send them to competitors.

Smaller financial institutions face an especially difficult challenge. For many, their friendly atmosphere and warm customer service was a key selling point for their customer base. Now, as personal interactions decline, institutions must modernize to continue providing the outstanding customer experience that initially drew their customers in.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technology is particularly well suited to helping financial institutions meet the challenges posed by evolving customer preferences. StarLeaf’s video conferencing solutions, for example, empower users to connect, share and message in an instant, no matter where they are. The platform was designed with financial security needs in mind, so it works seamlessly with firewalls and network security appliances while granting administrators complete control of data transfers within the platform.

StarLeaf is also compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Skype for Business, Cisco and other possible systems, easing digitization and system integration.

All-in-all, StarLeaf is a comprehensive conferencing solution that facilitates instant communication with customers at the click of a button via crystal-clear video and audio. In fact, DataComm is currently migrating all client meetings to StarLeaf video conferencing to take advantage of its instant connectivity and personal touch. Staff members can now easily maintain face time with clients regardless of their location.

What’s more, reducing the need to leave the office to meet with clients saves valuable funds that can be re-allocated to improving services and the customer experience. Most importantly, the working hours that would have been spent in transit are now devoted to core job functions.

Digital Communications Are the Future of Customer Service

Digital Communications Are the Future of Customer Service

As more consumers now prefer online banking to in-person service, neglecting digitization means neglecting customers – a recipe for failure in a customer experience-driven market. Financial institutions are beginning to implement video conferencing to close this digital gap. Smart organizations will start leveraging video conferencing technology now to put themselves ahead of the impending curve.

Contact us to learn more about StarLeaf’s video conferencing solutions for financial institutions.


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