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Where DataComm Is Headed: Past, Present and Future

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When you think of tech companies, you might think of the Silicon Valley start-ups that spring up constantly and fade away just as quickly. It’s impressive when an IT company goes the distance. It means the company has kept up with rapidly-changing technology and built solid relationships along the way. DataComm is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and reflecting on its past, present and future.

Built on a Strong Foundation

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DataComm is a family owned and operated business. It was started by Bruce C. Boyer and Jim Hopstetter, and it had humble beginnings, with Boyer building cable assemblies for mainframe computers on the kitchen table. Bruce Boyer’s son, Brian Boyer, is the current President and CEO of DataComm. The company prides itself on its family-like, close-knit culture, which continues to the present day.

DataComm Today

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DataComm has come a long way from the kitchen table, but some things haven’t changed.  DataComm’s close-knit culture translates into excellent service for clients. Everyone’s on the same page and dedicated to each client’s success. The atmosphere also ensures consistency for clients, and many DataComm team members have been with the company 30 years or more.

As an industry leader, DataComm has many accolades including the following:

DataComm also makes every effort to ensure all of its services are provided in-house, under their control. This ensures quality and excellent service. Clients have a dedicated team of people that they get to know. It’s not a revolving door, and clients know they can call and get in touch with a person who knows them, their industry and their situation.  

Today, DataComm offers a wealth of services, including network management, network security, unified communications, and auditing and compliance services. DataComm works closely with its clients to provide customized IT solutions that make sense.

DataComm’s Vision for the Future

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The IT industry is always changing, and DataComm’s longevity doesn’t mean it’s stagnant. Its success comes from advancing as the industry advances. DataComm prides itself on being innovative. For example, DataComm is currently revamping its patch management service offerings, which are critical for security.  

Another area where DataComm is planning to expand is with cloud-based services. Cloud services are expected to grow exponentially, and Gartner is expecting cloud services to grow three times faster than any other IT segment through 2022. Infrastructure as a service and cloud-based applications are bringing new opportunities for businesses.

Moving to the cloud presents unique challenges for financial service companies and other heavily regulated industries. DataComm is staying ahead of the curve by providing cloud-based services that meet regulatory standards and keep data and information secure. DataComm’s goal is to ensure that migrating to the cloud is as seamless of their clients as possible while maintaining security and compliance.

A 35-year track record of success is impressive for any company. It’s especially remarkable for an IT company.  To put the amount of years DataComm has evolved  into perspective here are some interesting facts  about technology going back three decades. 

  • In 2002 46% of US Households had slow Internet and the top website was AOL.
  • In 1990  99% of the US had no Internet.
  • In 1989, 96% of Americans did not have a cellphone.
  • In 1985 vinyl records gave way to cassette tapes, then CDs, and so on...
  • Email didn't exist until the late 80's. 
  • Mainframe Computers that were the size of whole rooms in the early 80's had less processing power than your mobile phone today.
  • DataComm Networks Inc. was founded in 1984 and is still evolving...

To find out more about DataComm's story visit here or watch our anniversary video here.

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