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Why Pen Testing and Security Audits Aren’t Enough

Modern network security requires diligence. If the bad guys never sleep, neither should the network security operation. No point-in-time PEN test or security audit will satisfy the needs of businesses regularly attacked by sophisticated, persistent and remote cybercriminals.

Banks are special targets. In fact, the FFIEC requires bank security operations with access to “technology for continual incident detection and response activities.”

But not even banks exist for the sake of IT security compliance.

Money is made by growing assets. Good IT security exists to support that business objective. However, when network security managers focus on business value first, the compliance value flows organically.

Adding value through relentless network management

Pen Testing

The strength of an organization’s data and its supporting technology is a competitive advantage. No product and no service are good enough without the support of resilient IT infrastructure. The strategic value of systematic network security is brought through dedicated resources.


“If the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.” – Matthew 24:3, KJV


The value of proper IT security is hard to over-estimate. Some would say that it is equal to the total of assets and equity and brand (or reputational) value.

The risk of poor network security is also hard to over-state. News of massive data breaches that expose hundreds of millions of user IDs, passwords, bank account numbers, mothers’ maiden names and social security numbers still have not inured people to the threat. Organizations that are said to be negligent do suffer business loss. Some will be forced out
of business.

Clearly, more than annual tests are needed to confirm the business network’s day-to-day security. How can stewards of sensitive information substantiate their network security to management? Sometimes, the achievement of valuable network security is challenged by resource constraints.

In Best Practices for Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance, the PCI Security Standards Council establishes a high standard for network security yet acknowledges that a periodic review would include “the technical and business constraint precluding implementation of a
security control.” 

No organization responsible for protecting sensitive information should have 2nd class network security.

The six pillars of vigilant network security

Pen Testing

To increase the value of the IT department within organizations, acquire the resources for vigilant network security. These reinforcements augment routine PEN tests and security audits in meaningful ways. The network becomes more trusted, more fundamental to business growth and will merit more budget consideration during annual reviews.

Gaps in network management are bad for business.

For network operations to be trustworthy and serve the interests of its stakeholders, it must have six established areas of competence. Those areas are:

  • User support to maintain access to network resources.
  • Proactive response via real-time activity monitoring.
  • Solid router management for traffic control and optimization.
  • Data protection protocols including off-site backup.
  • Endpoint and server patch management.
  • Segmented VoIP traffic monitoring and optimization.

When combined, these IT proficiencies forge more than a good defense, they encourage stable business growth and development.

DataComm provides these competencies in an affordable package called SecureNOC. A real-time network monitoring and management solution, SecureNOC applies network security best practice in a proactive environment. Used in combination with solid network controls, the service puts highly skilled and experienced technicians at client disposal, along with enterprise technology to extend and protect network availability.

SecureNOC from DataComm adds tremendous value. Coupled with SecurLOG and SecurPatch, SecurNOC shares security intelligence from multiple disciplines which aids client decision-making and responsiveness. Clients get more than just regular Help Desk support, real-time monitoring of network event logs and events, router management, off-site data archival, patch management and telephony monitoring. Clients also get professional management reporting and technical consultation.

Learn more about SecureNOC. Start adding business value from your network security
operation today!

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